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Nehal Raval Trivedi is a singing star of resonating tunes of Indian Vocal music, She stands enthralled and exhilarated in singing Hindustani Classical and Semi-Classical  songs, Ghazals and Bhajans.

Inspired & inducted in music at the age of eight years by parents Mr. Arun & Mrs.Minaxi Trivedi.  Nehal stands trained by late shri Prabhakar Barve -the Prime guru who baptized her in Indian Classical Music.  She was imparted education of structure of Indian Classical music as well as of singing classical & semi classical songs for four years by the Rev. departed soul.

Nehal the consciousness, the very musical existence, the very totality of one's- own being intermingled & imbedded in music- NEHO-MUSIC that music + Nehal union and  the journey of  that union  from first Sa  to the last one of the octave - bound to be there. Let it fructify.  Neho Music may it be throbbing, flowering and flowing like River-merging into the ocean- the divine Lord Shiva - the master composer of cosmic music.  Let it mure for eternity to come.

Educational qualifications: She has a degree in Economics  & Law.  She is a lawyer.In Recording Studio
She acquitted herself well as Radio announcer & Television program conductor.

Recognized as a child artist by All India Radio at the age of twelve, her six songs were recorded. Enlisted as professional Radio & TV Artist. She has done valuable recordings, also through    reputed record label 'Music Today

She is a Performer. She has been singing commercially for last 20 years.  Devotional, Spiritual, Classical & Fusion.  She has dedicated her talent to Indian Music.  She does concerts successfully everywhere in India, USA and other part of Continent.
In her musical performance career she has always given good, selected concerts in auditoriums, memorial halls, theaters, seminars & open big stadiums with number of artists, well known musicians & accompanists-with  instruments like -Tabla, Violin, Harmonium, Sitar, Flute, Dholak, Synthesizer & Guitar as per needed.
Nehal is a blessed singer, in her performance her spontaneous outflow, involvement can reach the riches aspects of Indian Music, you can feel the glory of our music.  A real joy.  It is very gratifying to know that people remember & appreciate  her singing till long time.

She is a Music teacher.  She teaches North Indian Classical, Semi-Classical Vocal Music.  She has participated in the seminar with the discussion between Jazz Music and North Indian Classical Music at the San Jose State University, CA.  She is Sangeet Vishard, a graduation degree in music offered by Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva MahaVidyalaya Mandal.
It was guided by Mudrika-ji, Shweta-ji and Nirmala-Ji.
As a Music Teacher she conducts many vocal workshops.  She has trained many students from ages from 4 to 70, including westerners.  All Levels from Beginner to Intermediate - Advance.  Students are inspired to sing systematically, getting knowledge of music in proper way, understanding the richness of Indian Music which is the outcome of divine heritage.  So spiritual.  A proud teacher.  Nehal's teaching makes the music melodious & sweet.

She has been given an opportunity to serve as an honorable judge in many singing competitions.

Nehal's teaching is the "Meeting Point of Harmony, Melody & Rhythm."

She is a Composer.  Composition is a meditation, it's a joyful moments when she composes.  It is the spontaneous out flow of the inner filling of the heart, inner joy.  More & more again & again can cultivate creative success.  It can always be by Guru 's -Sai Baba's grace.

 - a remembrance- a dream- a memory - an experience- a trust...Nehal has come out with Five mesmerizing CD Albums.

"Aradhana "  a first Sanskrit album, which she has tributed to her guru late shri Prabhakar Barve- consisting of Sanskrit  Shlokas & Stotras, Geet Govindam & Gopigeet.  A celestial nectar.

"Meera Chali " a second  Hindi album - Collection of Melodious Bhajans.  The devotion for the music through which she can be one with almighty.

"Nadini Retma " a third  Gujarati album - Gujarati Geet- Ghazals.  Singing of ghazals in a very soft voice with a gracious presentation, she has put that soft whisper of love in her singing & expressed poet's pain & pleasures in delicate way, ornamenting small & delicate gold ornaments.

"Smarananjali " &  "Naam Sankirtan " her fourth & fifth albums with her classic compositions.  Contains contemporary- bhakti sangeet & kirtans  dhuns.

Nehal has received all kind of audiences -listeners worldwide.

Nehal Raval
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